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DRYAMAX™ Molecular Sieve

Our DRYAMAX™ line of molecular sieve adsorbents are used globally in natural gas processing, ammonia production, refinery and petrochemical applications, ethanol production and air separation.

Performance: DRYAMAX™ products have very high water and carbon dioxide adsorption and desorption properties for optimal impurity removal efficiency and high dynamic capacity.
High Crush Strength: DRYAMAX™ grade products are specially formulated with excellent mechanical properties and tight bead size distribution to insure minimal pressure drop increase through the life of the product.
Uniformity of Size: The bead size uniformity and tight particle spec eliminates small beads that have lower mechanical properties resulting in product break up and premature change outs.
Peace of Mind: Each production lot of DRYAMAX™ molecular sieve goes through a rigorous internal and 3rd party external QA/QC performance testing to ensure that every lot maintains the highest quality standards and product performance.


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