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Inert Bed Support Balls

  • DURAMAX® D-99

    Known around the world, DURAMAX® inert bed support balls are recognized for their quality, consistency and availability.

    • Benefits Include:
    • – High alumina support balls are 99+% alpha alumina and have minimal SiO2.
    • – High purity alumina balls are ideal for high-temperature services with an influx of steam such as secondary reformers and High Temperature Shift reactors in ammonia plants and other Syngas services where leached silica might coat downstream equipment or poison the catalyst.
    • – Alumina balls are also used in adsorbent driers to purify ethylene, propylene and other reactive monomers.
    • – Alumina balls offer maximum resistance to thermal shock. The product’s high density and thermal conductivity make it excellent for heat transfer.
  • DURAMAX® P-400

    DURAMAX® P-400 is our highest quality, maximum strength ceramic inert support media for high pressure, severe service applications.

    DURAMAX® P-400 ceramic support series are all purpose support material for use in refinery, chemical, and gas plants where ceramic support utilization is acceptable. It is available in wide variety of sizes from 1/16 inch to 3 inch. Specialty sizes can be produced per request. DURAMAX® support media are available in spherical ball forms and by request in other shapes.

    Four main characteristics set DURAMAX® support media apart from competing products:

    • 1) Uniform spherical shape allowing for high stress distribution ability
    • 2) High crush/impact strength
    • 3) Withstands high pressure shock test (autoclave test).
    • 4) Rigorous QA/QC performance testing on each lot produced.

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