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Molecular Sieves
  • ABSORBINATOR® Molecular Sieve Overview

    M Chemical’s performance grade line of ABSORBINATOR® Molecular Sieves offer superior quality products that are manufactured globally yet supplied locally across the world. With high standards for quality control and quality assurance, ABSORBINATOR® is offered in multiple forms including powder and paste. Contact us today and our technical experts will guide you through identifying which product is right for your specific application.

  • Molecular Sieve Powder Products

    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 4Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 5Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 13X Molecular Sieve Powder
    • Also available in pellets and beads.
  • Molecular Sieve Paste Products

    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Molecular Sieve Paste (In Castor oil)
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Poly Paste (In polyol)
    • Paste made to customer specification in different reactive, non-reactive, and plasticizer matrices.

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