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Fumed Silica
  • ASTROFUME™ Fumed Silica Overview

    ASTROFUME™ is a hydrophobic, low surface area, surface modified (dimethyldichlorosilane) Fumed Silica. This product is easy to disperse in liquid or solid matrices due to its low specific surface area and hence finds a wide range of applications in industrial coatings, adhesives and inks. Contact us today and let our experts help you identify the best product for your application.

    – Used for rheology control in non-polar to medium polar formulations.
    – Range for loading levels: 0.5 – 2.0%.
    – Finds applications as anti-settling, anti-sagging, anticorrosive, thixotropic, and as a reinforcement additive.
    – Can be used as a rheology control agent in Sealants, 1K and 2K water or solvent borne coatings, in adhesives, and in radiation cured formulated products.
    – Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders that form a cake when stacked or stored in humid conditions.

    – ASTROFUME™ HB610: Solid, Hydrophobic
    (Multiple grades of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fumed silicas available.)

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