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Gas Odorants

  • Safe & Odor Free Delivery

    Since 1966, M Chemical has been the market leader in the transportation and supply of odorants for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas across North American and global markets. For decades, M Chemical has delivered to the most densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas in North America with a highly specialized closed-loop delivery system that provides safe and odor-free deliveries, every time.

  • Odorant Products & Services Include:


    • – Natural Gas Odorants
    • – LPG Odorants
    • – Bulk Delivery
    • – Package Delivery (Returnable Cylinders, Drums, ISO-Tanks)
    • – Odor Masking Agents
  • Odorant Delivery Specialists

    Our Odorant Delivery Specialists are the backbone of our exceptional customer satisfaction. They are full-time, odorant-only experts in handling the movement of odorants.  With their dedication and meticulous knowledge of our specialized closed-loop, odor-free delivery process, they ensure that each delivery is executed to the highest standards.

  • Owned and Operated Fleet of Tank Trucks

    With our fleet of owned and operated tank trucks and US & Canada storage terminal network, M Chemical is an end-to-end expert in timely, safe, and odor-free deliveries across North America.

  • Consistent Supply and Timely Deliveries

    M Chemical proactively works with customers to understand their supply needs so that our customers receive their odorant deliveries before they need it, ensuring they avoid emergency shortages and never run out.

  • No Customer Too Big or Too Small

    • – Bulk Tank Truck Delivery
    • – 5, 50, 100 & 600 Gallon Returnable Pressurized Cylinders
    • – 1, 5, & 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Drums
    • – Farm Tap / Bypass / Wick Odorization
    • – Bulk Tank & Containment Supply
    • – Bulk Tank & Containment Rental

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