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  • PURAMAX® Purification Technologies

    M Chemical’s PURAMAX® line of purification technologies deliver superior quality products with local availability for all of your purification needs.


    • Applications Include:
    •           – PURAMAX® Sulfur Species Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Chloride Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Arsenic Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Fluoride Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Mercury Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Oxygen Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Silica Removal

    M Chemical’s PURAMAX® BTX clay products offer superior quality, consistency and availability.

    Benefits Include:

    • – Rigorous QA/QC
    • – Consistent quality and bulk density
    • – Shows extended life in all applications including: Olefin removal from Aromatics, Basic Nitrogen compounds from Benzene Feeds, color improvement in Kerosene, White Oil, Aromatics and other organic feeds, LAB production
    • – Superior Technical Support
    • – Global stocks available

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