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  • High Void Inert Topping

    M Chemical’s high void inert topping materials are used in top bed grading in catalyst reactors and adsorbent vessels for pressure drop relief.


    • Features:
    •           – High void fraction
    •           – Shape optimized
    •           – Inert bed topping materials
  • Grading Rings

    M Chemical produces a comprehensive active and inert grading ring product line. We have products for removal of Si, Ni, V, As and Olefin saturation. All our grading rings are available in four sizes (3.2mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm and 8-9mm).

  • PURAMAX® Purification Technologies

    M Chemical’s PURAMAX® line of purification technologies deliver superior quality products with local availability for all of your purification needs.


    • Applications Include:
    •           – PURAMAX® Sulfur Species Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Chloride Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Arsenic Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Fluoride Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Mercury Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Oxygen Removal
    •           – PURAMAX® Silica Removal

    M Chemical’s PURAMAX™ BTX clay products offer superior quality, consistency and availability.

    Benefits Include:

    • – Rigorous QA/QC
    • – Consistent quality and bulk density
    • – Shows extended life in all applications including: Olefin removal from Aromatics, Basic Nitrogen compounds from Benzene Feeds, color improvement in Kerosene, White Oil, Aromatics and other organic feeds, LAB production
    • – Superior Technical Support
    • – Global stocks available
  • Random Tower Packing

    There are many options when it comes to random tower packing and M Chemical offers a wide range of shapes and materials to meet your specific needs.


    • Examples Include:
    •           – Metal
    •           – Ceramic
    •           – Carbon/Graphite (UOP Approved)
    •           – Plastic
  • Silica Gel

    M Chemical supplies high quality and highly consistent silica gel. It is used in many applications as a desiccant, or drying agent, to absorb moisture.

  • ANTIFLAME™ Halogen Free Flame Retardants Overview

    M Chemical’s line of ANTIFLAME™ Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants offer a wide range of superior quality, efficient and effective flame retarding chemicals that support a multitude of applications. We offer both reactive and non-reactive ANTIFLAME™ Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants in various forms such as liquid, liquid blends, solid, neat, and more to meet specific applications. Our M Chemical experts can help you identify the best formula to meet your needs. Contact us today and one of our technical specialists will give you peace of mind about choosing the right product for your application.

  • Halogen Free Flame Retardants – Liquids

    – ANTIFLAME™ PR82: Phosphorus Based Diol
    – ANTIFLAME™ RX450: Phosphorus and Nitrogen Based Diol
    – ANTIFLAME™ RX5555: Phosphorus Based Diol
    – ANTIFLAME™ MA8 WG: Special Grade, Liquid Mix

    – ANTIFLAME™ CU: Phosphate Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ CU 1090: Low Viscosity, Phosphate Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ DEEP / V490: Phosphonate Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ DMMP: Phosphonate Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ RDP: Phosphate Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ TEP: Phosphate Derivative

  • Halogen Free Flame Retardants – Solids

    – ANTIFLAME™ DOPO: Phosphorus Based Diol

    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 30: Special, Modified Grade of APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 101: Standard Grade APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 101F: Special Grade APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 201: Special, Modified Grade of APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 301: Special, Modified Grade of APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ APP 401: Special, Modified Grade of APP
    – ANTIFLAME™ HPCTP: Phosphazine Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ MA 25, 40, FG: Micronized Melamine
    – ANTIFLAME™ MP: Melamine Phosphate
    – ANTIFLAME™ MPP 200, 350: Melamine Polyphosphate
    – ANTIFLAME™ MPyP: Melamine Pyrophosphate
    – ANTIFLAME™ MC 15, 25, 50: Melamine Cyanurate
    – ANTIFLAME™ EG350, EG450: Graphite, Various Grades
    – ANTIFLAME™ APO: Antimony Pentoxide
    – ANTIFLAME™ 1008: Phosphorous Derivative

  • Synergistic, Smoke Suppressant, Low Smoke Flame Retardants – Solids

    Halogen Free
    – ANTIFLAME™ ZB400: Zinc Borate, Special Grade
    – ANTIFLAME™ ATH 104: Aluminum Trihydrate
    – ANTIFLAME™ ATH 310: Aluminum Trihydrate, Special Grade
    – ANTIFLAME™ MONOPENTA M40: Pentaerythritol Derivative
    – ANTIFLAME™ DIPENTA D40: Pentaerythritol Derivative

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