Polymers & CASE Products

Polymers & CASE
  • Blended Antioxidants

    – GUARD DOG® AO215
    – GUARD DOG® AO225
    – GUARD DOG® AO245
    – GUARD DOG® AOB900
    – GUARD DOG® AO482P
    – GUARD DOG® AO1411
    – GUARD DOG® AO1412

  • ASTROFUME™ Fumed Silica Overview

    ASTROFUME™ is a hydrophobic, low surface area, surface modified (dimethyldichlorosilane) Fumed Silica. This product is easy to disperse in liquid or solid matrices due to its low specific surface area and hence finds a wide range of applications in industrial coatings, adhesives and inks. Contact us today and let our experts help you identify the best product for your application.

    – Used for rheology control in non-polar to medium polar formulations.
    – Range for loading levels: 0.5 – 2.0%.
    – Finds applications as anti-settling, anti-sagging, anticorrosive, thixotropic, and as a reinforcement additive.
    – Can be used as a rheology control agent in Sealants, 1K and 2K water or solvent borne coatings, in adhesives, and in radiation cured formulated products.
    – Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders that form a cake when stacked or stored in humid conditions.

    – ASTROFUME™ HB610: Solid, Hydrophobic
    (Multiple grades of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fumed silicas available.)

  • ABSORBINATOR® Molecular Sieve Overview

    M Chemical’s performance grade line of ABSORBINATOR® Molecular Sieves offer superior quality products that are manufactured globally yet supplied locally across the world. With high standards for quality control and quality assurance, ABSORBINATOR® is offered in multiple forms including powder and paste. Contact us today and our technical experts will guide you through identifying which product is right for your specific application.

  • Molecular Sieve Powder Products

    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 4Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 5Å Molecular Sieve Powder
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 13X Molecular Sieve Powder
    • Also available in pellets and beads.
  • Molecular Sieve Paste Products

    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Molecular Sieve Paste (In Castor oil)
    • – ABSORBINATOR® 3Å Poly Paste (In polyol)
    • Paste made to customer specification in different reactive, non-reactive, and plasticizer matrices.
  • ASTROCAT® Catalyst Overview

    M Chemical’s line of ASTROCAT® Catalysts aid in the chemical reaction of different molecules to improve the final product. There are various molecular formulas available which serve different applications. Contact us today and the experts at M Chemical can guide you through the process of identifying exactly which ASTROCAT™ Catalyst is right for your specific needs.

    – ASTROCAT® 9
    – ASTROCAT® 15
    – ASTROCAT® 33 LV
    – ASTROCAT® 77
    – ASTROCAT® K15
    – ASTROCAT® T12
    – ASTROCAT® T120
    (Other amine and metal catalysts available.)

  • Pigments & Dyes Overview

    M Chemical provides superior quality Pigments and Dyes that help you achieve the desired result for your specific application. Our technical experts help formulators every step of the way, ensuring they get the quality products they need, when and where they need them. With our robust quality control and quality assurance procedures combined with global manufacturing with locally supplied distribution across the world, we offer peace of mind, every time.

    Contact us today and let our experts help you identify the right product for your application.

  • ASTROCURE® Amine Curatives Overview

    ASTROCURE® is a reactive compound that is widely used as an Amine Curative. Contact us today and let our experts help you identify the right product for your specific application.

    – ASTROCURE® 90
    – ASTROCURE® 100 (DETDA)
    – ASTROCURE® 300
    – ASTROCURE® 1000
    – ASTROCURE® 4000
    – ASTROCURE® D2000
    – ASTROCURE® T5000
    (Other curing agents for epoxy, polyurethane, polyureas, polyaspartics, and other resin systems available.)