Impacting Industries from A-to-Z

Specialty chemicals are an important part of products all around the world. They help improve the safety and effectiveness of items we use every day…as well as products that are only used in the rarest of occasion (like that latest spacecraft that landed on Mars).

One thing is for certain, their reach is far and above what most people think.

From A-to-Z, here are just 26 of the myriad industries that require chemicals such as ANTIFLAME™ and FIRE DOG™ Flame Retardants, GUARD DOG™ UV Stabilizers and Antioxidants, ASTROFUME™ Fumed Silica, ABSORBINATOR™ Molecular Sieves, ASTROCAT™ Catalysts, and ASTROCURE™ Amine Curatives.

A: Adhesives
B: Building Envelope
C: Cable & Wire
D: Drinkware
E: Electronics
F: Flexible Foam
G: Glues
H: Hospitality
I: Industrial Equipment
J: Jetliners
K: Kitchenware
L: Lawn Equipment
M: Microchips
N: Naval Vessels
O: Oxygen Index Related Systems
P: Paint
Q: Quick-Set Epoxy
R: Roofing
S: Sealants
T: Tires
U: Upholstery
V: Vehicles
W: Wood Treatments
X: X-Ray Machines
Y: Yoga Mats
Z: Zip Ties

To learn more about how our line of specialty chemicals can enhance your products, contact us today and our technical experts can help find the right formulation for your specific application.

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